Ms. Valeriya Lutkovska: "One of the most cynical human rights violations in the Crimea is automatic receiving by citizens of Ukraine of the Russian nationality"


The Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights noted during the presentation of monitoring research "Six months later: reversal of the rights and freedoms of the person in the Crimea", prepared by the Crimean field mission for human rights on the basis of the materials collected by mission in July-August, 2014 in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Russia and Ukraine. It is known that because of artificial complications while submitting of applications concerning desire to leave nationality of Ukraine, according to the legislation of Russia the Ukrainian citizens automatically obtained nationality of the Russian Federation that is a frank discriminatory practice.

Among this category of citizens of Ukraine violations of the rights of the persons,  who are on the peninsula in places of imprisonment, are special, after all condemned by the Ukrainian courts, they have to serve now sentence under the Russian laws. According to Ms.Valeriya Lutkovska, the Commissioner has already received from such persons more than 400 complaints with a request to assist in their transfer for serving of punishments on the territory of continental Ukraine.

During holding of presentation Ms.Valeriya Lutkovska applied to the influential international organizations with proposal to create special international mission for implementation of continuous monitoring of observance of the rights and freedoms of the person in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, first of all, representatives of ethnic minorities.

Having supported the Ukrainian Ombudsman's position, the cochairman of the Crimean field mission, the known Russian human rights defense activist Mr.Andriy Yurov called unprecedented situation with observance of the rights and freedoms of people on the Crimean peninsula. He, in particular, compared automatic receiving by the Ukrainian citizens of nationality of the Russian Federation to serf practice of transfer of the earth from one landowner to another together with peasants who live on it.

Having highly appreciated work of the Crimean field mission which is almost only source of information concerning real situation with observance of the rights of citizens on the peninsula, especially Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar ethnic minorities, the chairman of Majlis of the Crimean Tatar People Mr. Refat Chubarov noted that fact that the new stage of escalation of violence and direct threats concerning the Crimean Tatar People practically began and expressed hope for further cooperation of mission with Majlis.

It is known that the Crimean field mission carries out the monitoring activity on the Crimean peninsula since March 5, 2014 and is result of joining efforts of a number of human rights defense organizations from Ukraine, Russia, other CIS countries, and also the international organizations with support of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights.