The Commissioner for Human Rights initiates distribution of information on formation of a human rights movement in Ukraine


Ms. Valeriya Lutkovska declared this thesis during a round table "Ukraine needs Sakharov?", which was held in the Ombudsman's Office at the initiative of the Commissioner for Human Rights together with the famous human rights activist, the president of Association of psychiatrists of Ukraine, the cochairman of the  Committee "Babi Yar" Mr.Semen Gluzman.

During a round table famous citizens of Ukraine for whom Andrei Sakharov's ideas, are still actual, remembered his contribution to protection of people, whose rights were violated by the power of the Soviet Union, discussed relevance of his ideas and a role for formation of the Ukrainian state.

"Exactly thanks to Mr. Andriy Sakharov for the first time there was a thought that Ukraine in principle can be independent. We had pleasure to live with him at one time therefore have to cherish those civilization achievements which he left behind. Today we will discuss how Ukraine can become a cradle for his ideas learn his ability to oppose itself to system from a justice position. Unfortunately, Mr. Sakharov was underestimated in the country, however his views are closer to us, after all his personality is a consciousness", – the Commissioner for Human Rights Ms. Valeriya Lutkovska noted.